Focused on the Future of Living.

Innovation First

Veritas Innovations grows ideas. We partner with technology firms that have the potential to help us reinvent residential real estate. As an integrated team within Veritas Investments, we deliver unmatched opportunities across the board. With us, entrepreneurs get access to our real estate portfolio, our personnel, and our network of investors, collaborators, and partners. Together, we create experiences that make residents happier, operations more efficient, and communities closer, more connected places to live and thrive.

Bringing Innovations to Light

Veritas Innovations partners with startups to foster their growth in the multifamily PropTech market. Since the company’s founding, Veritas Investments has embraced the utilization of technology, implementing innovative solutions to our operations in order to better manage our diverse and distinct portfolio of properties. The establishment of Veritas Innovations is a testament to our dedication to collaborating with outstanding startups and nurturing their growth towards success, simultaneously enhancing resident experience and optimizing our operations.


At Veritas Innovations, we have codified our commitment to accelerate and advise real estate technology firms that offer the potential to create exceptional experiences to live and work.

View the companies we believe in to make it happen.